Newsletter July 2008

NEWSLETTER July 2008 Amsterdam, Philadelphia, New York

Dear friends,

After years of hard work, editing, and re-editing , adding new music
scores and slaving away to make this documentary a success, my
director Robert Dunlap, producer John Patti and I myself are proud to
say that our film: "Xaviera Hollander, the Happy Hooker, portrait of a sexual
revolutionary" finally did win THE AWARD AS BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY

My husband Philip and I were there for a week. We also want
to thank the great team work of all the men who made this
possible like Steven Greenbaum , Benjamin Barnett and all the
wonderful people at the festival. They treated us like
royalty, we were staying at the elegant LOEWS hotel and my producer
John Patti was there with us almost every moment of this exciting week.

Below trailer of documentary:

We have been invited to two more "red carpet Film Festivals",
the prestigious Dancers with films in Los Angeles and the
West Hollywood Intern film fest in West HOLLYWOOD starting
July 25 and ending August 2 and in Amsterdam Jack Weil
has asked me to submit my documentary to the Jewish Film Festival.

No doubt you will hear more from me by that time. So far, here
are the various websites that can be seen revealing stories
about me and or the film festivals. Amazing how I suddenly seem
to be right back in the limelight.

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