Dubrovnik Theatre Festival June 2013

Dubrovnik 1

64497_10151319214522278_1751126752_nburcht dubrovnikDubrovnik enormous boatcastle at nightDubrovnik entrance to the cityisland on the rockharbourpeacocks close up

Dubrovnik 2

close up artistdarker version of foursomedebby mulhollland hannah and xienice xie in colors Corrphil and xie close up  nice Correyexie even closer portrait Corrxie in big red dress Corrxie phil en vinco on staircase Corrxie reading in green glasses Corrxie sweet in hot colors Corrphilip with nude Corr

Dubrovnik 3

charming dancershannah and vincocheerful crowdhorny photographer and older ladyhappy foursomelets dance everybodypretty tourist yachtboth husbands musiciansHANNA STARTS Corrhappy foursome  vinco hanna and farberrobert farber winner picture pricepictoresque gatewhat a pretty skinny girlsad ending