Child no more

Child No More: Haunting memorial to Xaviera's mother, a true biography starting at the Japanese concentration camps and ending at the deathbed of her beloved mother.
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This book is a memorial of a loving daughter to her mother, in whose memory it is dedicated. It is an honest record of suffering and death, but overwhelmingly it is an account of life and love, and amid the tears, there is much laughter.

back-child-no-moreIn her earlier autobiographical books, Xaviera Hollander has written with refreshing frankness of her erotic adventures and misadventures. Yet there were constant references to her parents who exerted such a profound influence on her life. Now in her fifties, she comes to terms with the inner conflicts which have tormented her since childhood and releases the flood of emotions which have been pent up for so many years.

The poignant story of Xaviera's early childhood and formative years, recounting her tender yet tumultuous relationship with her beloved parents, and vividly describing the horrors of world war two and her rise to the New York happy hooker period.

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