THE MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART is an honest and courageous look at man's inherent fear of intimacy and commitment. It is at the same time a sober and candid illumination of the contemporary male psyche. It's the story about a man who has lost hope in his search for a mate, but makes one last attempt by creating the fantasy love of his life.

Together they go on a passion filled, action packed date to the Museum of Contemporary Art; here slowly but surely, the fantasy woman overpowers the man who created her and all hell breaks loose.Its' the dreamiest, sexiest, scariest date that never happened.

ticket without a meal: 35 euro
ticket with a meal: 55 euro


"Brilliant, original and riotously funny,"
the Guardian
"...exquisitely revelatory... a blisteringly funny, hypnotically wild wrestle with the male ego."
Robert Hurwitt, S.F. Examiner
"Rappaport is a virtuoso at expressing all things human."
Joe Adcock Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"A must see show perceptive observations of human nature are matched only by his seductive stage presence."
Barbara Crook, The Vancouver Sun.
"...one of the most exhilarating artists I've encountered...erotic...fresh...alive. All who see this show will be encouraged to open their hearts and bodies to freedom and possibility."
Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight.
"...amazing physicality...the seductiveness of an uncoiling snake...an honor to bestow."
A. E. White, DB Magazine, Adelaide Australia
"Hilarious...undeniably brilliant...don't miss it."
The Vancouver Courier
"...a tremendously physical, sensual actor...the presence and timing of a great stand-up comic."
Alastair Mabbott, The List Glasgow/Edinburgh
"...entertaining wild fantasy...precise...edgy...engrossing."
The Globe and Mail.
"Great script, mesmerizing performance...astonishing honesty and pure skill.
The Kitsilano News
"His talent and intelligence combined with razor sharp wit and timing make this one of the most hilarious performances of the year."
D. Niedermayer, Fringe Review

57_chickenXaviera Hollander presents:

CHICKEN - the true story of a teenage gigolo

Written & Performed by David Henry Sterry # 1 Play in America

This is the true story of a 17 year-old All-American boy who gets seduced into the sex business. With 70’s music playing in the background, Sterry portrays everyone from his nun/teacher to his employment counselor/pimp, his sweet girlfriend to the man who took advantage of him, his naïve, but charming 17 year-old self to the love-hungry ladies who hired him. Breathtakingly honest, heartbreakingly poignant, surprisingly funny. This is theater that is raw, smart, and universal.

As an appetizer THE GALLERY DONKERSLOOT AND XAVIERA HOLLANDER offer an erotic "Extravaganza fashion show" with Mira Bachvarova and her friends. http://www.gallerydonkersloot.nl



David Henry Sterry is both writer of and performer in the one-man show Chicken, based on his San Francisco Chronicle bestselling memoir Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man . He is also the author of Satchel Sez: the Wit Wisdom & World of Leroy "Satchel" Paige (Crown, Random House, 2001). His next book will be Putting Your Passion into Print (Workman Press, 2004). Two of his stories are featured in 5 Minute Erotica (Running Press, 2003). He has written for, among others, The London Times, Penthouse, The Hairy Orangutan, The Scotsman, and The SF Chronicle.

He started as a stand-up comedian in SF, performing with everyone from Robin Williams to Milton Berle. As an actor he has worked everywhere from Lincoln Center to the Magic Theater, with everyone from Will Smith to Michael Caine, David Letterman, to Zippy the Chimp.

He has been a TV pitchman for AT&T, Levis, and Isuzu, performed in over 500 commercials, winning 4 Clios. He starred in CTW/HBOís Emmy Award-winning Encyclopedia, and was the emcee at Chippendale's Male Strip Club in New York, winning Cabaret Performer of the Year.

His plays have been performed at PS 122, the West Bank Café, and the Duplex. He has written screenplays for Disney, Fox, and Nickelodeon Pictures. He has worked as a chicken, a chicken frier, a paperboy, a soda jerk, a cherry picker, a poet, a building inspector, a limo driver, a baby sitter, a barker, a women ís soccer coach, and a marriage counselor. He graduated from Reed College, and loves his wife, his cat, and any sport involving a ball. David Henry Sterry has been featured in (among others): The New York Times, The London Times, The Sunday Times, Sunday Independent, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Elle Magazine, Details Magazine, CBS 48 Hours, NBC The Other Half, BBC Radio, BBC Scotland and Newcastle, and NPR Morning Edition,Weekend Edition, and Talk of the Nation. He recently completed a twenty-five city international tour of Chicken.

The book is being optioned to be made into a film. It was published in the UK in April, 2003, and is coming out in Dutch, German, Croatian, and Spanish. The show, at the Assembly Rooms of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, 2003, was named the Number 1 play in Great Britain by The Independent.

Because of his life on the streets, he now volunteers doing outreach with homeless kids on the streets of San Francisco, and running writing workshops with people from the sex industry. In July, 2003, he was a speaker, and ran a writing workshop at the "Breaking the Silence" Youth Summit in Washington, hosted by the Department of Justice, GEMS and the US Campaign against the Commercial Exploitation of Children, 17-22 year old survivors from all over the country gathered to try and change the world.


"A tour-de force."
SF Bay Times
"Sextacular." -
Beth Lisick, SF Gate
"Frank, funny and surreal." ?
The Stage
"Pick of the week" "Hysterical." ?
The Guardian
"Hard-hitting and universal."
Time Out San Francisco
"Irresistible, very enjoyable." "radiates honesty. Funny, physical, and fast"
The Scotsman
#1 Play in Great Britain.
-The Independent
"Poignant". " a rare pleasure." "moving and original." " revealingly honest." Sterry is a sharp comic, using his limber body and versatile voice to create memorably portraits of the hungry, lonely, wealthy women who employ his services." "Sterry needs no other prop than a wooden bench to get full mileage out of the ludicrousness of sex. But what gives it depth is the hard, sad reality beneath its Rabelaisian humor." "Richly entertaining and thought-provoking." "Speaks cleverly and provocatively to anyone who's ever been or had a child."
Robert Hurwitt, Head Theater Critic to The San Francisco Chronicle
"Packed full of energy, the show is fast, provocative, and highly engaging." Jumping to the beat of his poetic script, the dialogue leads David around every square inch of the stage. It is simply unmissable"
The Herald
"What a rare pleasure it is to see a writer perform his own work . Dream-like profundity. "Sterry's portrayal of his 17-year-old self is immediately honest and believable." "Juxtaposed with his masterful control of poetic dialogue balances the show."
SF Examiner
"On an almost empty stage [Sterry] summons up in glorious technicolour an amazing array of characters." "Extraordinary engrossing and touching." "A a great story . It is a must!"
Daily Mail
"Graced with insight and empathy, Sterry finds a literary rhythm as fluid and alluring as the strut of his nuthugging elephantbells " a sense of humor as bright and ridiculous as a blood-engorged wangdangdoodle- hammer."
S F Weekly
"Hugely compelling to watch , real skill." "The story is told in deft snippets." "the language is poetic, and a 1970s soundtrack gets the audience in the mood."[a] triumphant story. It ís clear that this is a comedy hiding in a tragedy."
The Independent


"Sterry writes with comic brio [he] honed a vibrant outrageous writing style and turned out this studiously wild souvenir of a checkered past." ? Janet Maslin, New York Times
"A compelling work." Steve Jelbert, London Times
"A beautiful book. a real work of literature. Wonderfully written." Vanessa Feltz, BBC
"Priceless material" Details Magazine
"Humorous and charming" Outrageous and entertaining." Michael Williams, BBC 1
"A breezy read, pleasingly free of self-pityÖ very funny." The Observer
"Jawdropping. A carefully crafted piece of work. Benedicte Page, Book News, UK
"A 1-night read. Should be mandatory reading for parents and kids." Bert Lee, Talk of the Town
"Few rites-of-passage tales can match up to this one." The Scotsman
"Hilarious." The Guardian (London)
"Alternately sexy and terrifying Chicken is a hot walk on the wild side of Hollywood's fleshy underbelly.A coming-of-age classic that ís colorful, riveting, and strangely beautiful. David Henry Sterry is the real thing." ?
Jerry Stahl, author of Permanent Midnight
"A standup comic's sensibility, tone and timing. I read the book from cover to cover in one night, unable to put it down."
Eliza Thomas, Places Magazine
"Farcical, sad, perceptive." Reality porn for the sophisticated reader."
The Sunday Herald
"Chicken is both funny and disturbing." RTE TV Ireland
"Compulsively readable and very funny. Rarely has the mentality of sex been so scrupulously observed and reproduced. Sterry clearly possesses the storyteller's art." Phillip Lopate, author of Portrait of My Body
"Impossible to put down. A fast-paced jazzy writing style. A great read." Hallmemoirs
"Full of truth, horror, and riotous humor." The Latest Books
"Filled with wit. expertly told escapades. A really good,enlightening, read." Leeds Guide

58_mymotherssoupXaviera Hollander presents:


by Nessim Zohar

It is worth going to see Nessim Zohar’s production. My Mother's Soup is as full-bodied, flavorsome and exotically enticing as the molocheya soup Tel Aviv’s famous writer/performer Nessim Zohar prepares during the show and is truly a treat for all the senses.As you enter the auditorium the smells of the middle east assault you, wetting the appetite and transporting you immediately to Alexandria in Egypt, where the plot unfolds.

Based around the author's life, this is an enchanting, moving, suspenseful and hilarious production. Memories of his childhood in Alexandria are summoned up and invested with almost idyllic overtones. As he stirs up the secret ingredients of his Molocheya, Zohar leads us on the journey of a young man trying to fight for the love of a mother he adored and hated at the same time.

Witness his secret spites and petty grudges, his terrible innermost secrets and above all, his enduring love and awe for his mother, the woman who fed his heart, mind and soul until the very day she died, reaching for an unreturned hug from her hospital bed. In a bid to ease his terrible guilt and reach some kind of reconciliation with his dead mother, the son prepares her favorite dish, Molocheya, on the anniversary of her death. It will be the first time he has tasted the dish in 50 years, having avoided its consumption out of sheer spite and bitterness since his early boyhood.

Like the soup, Zohar brings his audience slowly to the boil with a tremendously inspired performance that is as professional as anything you will ever see on stage. You will be hooked from the moment you enter until the moment you leave and although you are all eager to go out to the bar for a taste of the famous Molechaya soup, a little part of you wants to call “more , more”.

You will no doubt say with your hand on your heart and a spoon in your mouth, this truly is the tastiest treat you will ever get at any of Xaviera Hollander’s productions

Nessim Zohar - Playwright and performer:

Nessim Zohar was born in Egypt and immigrated to Israel in 1950. He started his acting career with the Haifa repertory company. Receiving a grant for most promising young actor, he lived for some years in New York where he attended the H.B. Professional acting workshop and studied filmmaking at the N.Y.U.

During his long career he played leads and major roles in all the repertory theaters in Israel, appeared on television radio and films. He has written scripts for film and theater and published a collection of short stories. “My Mother’s Soup” is the third one-man show he has written and produced.

Nathan Datner - Director:

Nathan Datner was born in Ramat Gan, and has for the past 25 years starred in all major companies off Israeli Theater. His directing career includes “ Sweet Charity”, “Guys and Dolls”, for acting studios,“Snapshots of a marriage” at Habima National theater, which he also translated and adapted. The musicals “Aladin” and “Cinderella”, he directed for independent producers and lately the Israeli rock opera “Dorian Grey” for the Prague opera house.

This performance is sponsored
by El Al Airlines

Xaviera Hollander presenteert:


door Nessim Zohar

Beslist de moeite waard is deze productie van Nessim Zohar. ‘My Mother’s Soup’ is net zo rijk gevuld en smakelijk als de Molocheya soep die deze bekende schrijver en acteur uit Tel Aviv in zijn show bereidt. Al bij binnenkomst komen de exotische geuren van het Midden Oost je tegemoet,die je onmiddellijk naar Alexandria in Egypte vervoeren.

Gebaseerd op Nessim Zohar’s levensverhaal is dit een betoverende, ontroerende, spannende en humoristische one man show; met herinneringen aan zijn bijna idyllische kindertijd in Alexandria. Terwijl hij op het podium de geheime ingrediënten door zijn Molocheya roert, beroert hij onze harten met het verhaal van de jonge Zohar die vecht voor de liefde van zijn moeder waar hij dol op is en die hij tevens haat. Wees getuige van zijn geheime wrok en zijn kleingeestige afgunst, zijn diepste geheimen maar bovenal zijn trouwe liefde en het diepe ontzag voor zijn afstandelijke moeder.

Tot op haar doodsbed voedt zij zijn hart, geest en ziel maar hunkert hij naar een echte moederlijke knuffel. In een poging van zijn schuldcomplex af te komen en tot een vergelijk met zijn overleden moeder te komen bereidt de zoon haar favoriete maaltijd molocheya op de verjaardag van haar sterfdag. Het zal de eerste keer zijn in vijftig jaar dat hij dit gerecht weer proeft want uit pure wrok en bitterheid heeft hij sinds zijn vroege jeugd deze soep geweigerd te eten.

Net als Molocheya weet hij het publiek op fenomenale en inspirerende wijze tot kookhoogte te brengen. Vanaf het moment dat u de geuren ruikt van de soep die Nessim bereidt en de acteur in actie ziet bent u ‘hooked’ aan deze fascinerende en onvergetelijke voorstelling.

Neem een kleenex mee voor de tranen die u zult plengen vanwege het lachen en huilen.

wicked winter cabaretXaviera Hollander presents:


A potpourri of talented artists.
A stylish show to lighten up your winter


pluck your heart strings, get your feet tapping,
and have you roaring with laughter.


on guitar and saxophone sing and swing the craziest Xmas evergreens, with new lyrics and modern grooves & naughty songs from the Fifties.


a classical repertoire of wicked interpretations. Never have notes and whips had such a delightful ring.


On Xmas Eve : special guest Kenzo from Tokyo at THE ARENA!
Multi talented contemporary dancer. Absolutely breathtaking and poetical.

The evening will be more than gezellig:


Come and experience this sparkling variety show!

Xaviera Hollander presenteert:


Voor U treden op:
Een potpourri van verschillende getalenteerde artiesten.


met een ontroerende, sexy en vrolijke show die uw ziel zal beroeren, uw voeten laat dansen en uw hart doet lachen, de extravagante kostuums en enthousiaste muziek zijn een lust voor oog en oor.

Miek Miek WILD & Felixa SAXY

brengen met sax en gitaar een muzikale parade vol nieuwe en bizarre Kerstliedjes. Hun ondeugende teksten en stoute liedjes uit de jaren vijftig maken deze avond een onvergetelijk gebeuren.


biedt een mélange van klassiek repertoire met hun eigen bijzonder ondeugende en grappige interpretatie door Charlotte Beukers ( sopraan) en Margreet (mezzo sopraan) op de piano begeleid door Piet van de Broek.

Op Kerstavond heeft Xaviera als Speciale Gast: in Hotel ARENA : KENZO KUSUDA uit Japan. Het werk van deze adembenemende danser/choreograaf munt uit in een poëtische sensitiviteit .

Xaviera Hollander presents:


by Alan Ayckbourn the Queens English Theatre Company

Bedroom Farce is set in the three bedrooms of three very different couples. The first couple, married for more than 30 years sets out for a romantic anniversary dinner but ends up eating sardines on toast in bed. The second is planning a housewarming – if they can keep their hands off each other. The third couple, though secure in their relationship, bicker with each other because one of them has a bad back and doesn’t want his partner to meet up at the party with an ex boyfriend.

However, a fourth couple arrives at the party in a state of some confusion over their own relationship. An ex offers one of them advice but soon is offering rather more - putting a premature end to the festivities. Hysterical situations ensue as the friends try to mend their differences and the distraught couple seek solace in one or other of the three bedrooms. This brand new interpretation by the Queens English Theatre Company puts a sexy and contemporary veneer on the hilarious script, skilfully crafted by the English master of comedy - Alan Ayckbourn.


His plays have kept audiences laughing in the West End for more than 3 decades. Add QETC’s slick direction, lightning pace and outrageous style to the menu and you are guaranteed your own night out to remember! QETC’s January show Habeas Corpus played to packed houses and had audiences on their feet begging for more – don’t miss this one, book now! Here are just a few of the audiences’ comments.

The critics about Bedroom Farce

“I couldn’t stop laughing!”

“Totally Awesome!”

“I don’t remember when I have enjoyed an evening so much.”

“I thought it was brilliant, just brilliant.”


Micheline Van Hautem & Frank de Kleer


Een stukje Parijs en een stukje New York in het hartje van de winter in Marbella


Dinsdag 19 januari 20u30
Restaurant Tres Amigos -  Calle del faro 2 Marbella
Tres Amigos This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of 00 34 952 867554 diner & show €45
Reserveren 952867554 of  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donderdag 20 januari & vrijdag 21 januari 20u30
Xaviera's home theatre - Tickets €25 inclusief 1 drankje
Reserveren: koop je ticket direct online 20 janunari  >>
Reserveren: koop je ticket direct online 21 janunari  >>

In de eerste show ‘Brel & Piaf’, zingt Micheline nummers als: La vie en rose, Milord, Padam en La foule, naast haar favoriete Jacques Brel liedjes: Bruxelles, The Old Folks, Amsterdam, en het prachtige Marieke. Micheline brengt met haarmee de fantastische gitarist Frank de Kleer – speciaal overgevlogen uit Amsterdam - niet alleen super getalenteerd maar ook meesterlijk geestig.


Woensdag 19 januari , 20h30 
Restaurant Tres Amigos - Calle del Faro 2. Marbella

Dinner met show: price €45
Reserveren 952867554 of  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zaterdag 22 januari & zondag 23 januari 20u30
Xaviera's home theatre - Tickets €25 inclusief 1 drankje
Reserveren: koop je ticket direct online 22 janunari  >>
Reserveren: koop je ticket direct online 23 janunari >>

De tweede avond is gevuld met American standards: ‘It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing’. Micheline woonde 10 jaar in het hartje van Manhattan en omarmde Cole Porter, Gerschwin en Charlie Chaplin. Ze mengt dit repertoire met songs van The Singing Detective: Don’t fence me in, The Man I love, Teddy Bear’s Picnic en Smile. Uiteraard wordt Micheline bij dit optreden weer bijgestaan door meester gitarist Frank de Kleer.

Twee avonden muziek om niet te missen … een stukje Parijs en een stukje New York in het hartje van de winter in Marbella.

Xaviera's home theatre: Calle Pizarra 184, Rocio de Nagueles, Marbella, Spain map >>

We geven de voorkeur aan online boekingen via onze theater ticket shop >> 
00 34 952857575 of email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Micheline Van Hautem, geboren en getogen in Gent, trok tien jaar geleden de wijde wereld in gewapend met haar stem, gitaar en laptop. Haar eerste stop was New York, een smeltkroes van inspirerende nationaliteiten en culturen. Om zich te onderscheiden tussen al het goeds en groots in de stad, zong de van origine Vlaamse muze vooral liedjes in het Frans, met name Brel en Piaf. Dit leidde tot uitverkochte concerten met haar band Mich en Scene ondermeer in de Florence Gould Hall in Manhattan.


De muziek van Brel voerde haar van Edinburgh – alwaar ze de prestigieuze Herald Angel Award in de wacht sleepte - tot Australië,waar zij tot twee keer toe de Sydney Opera House vulde.

Terug in Europa werd ze warm onthaald met als hoogtepunt een uitverkocht Amsterdams Concertgebouw. Brel inspireert zowel evenals the little sparrow, Edith Piaf. Micheline brengt in ‘Brel & Piaf’: La vie en rose, Milord, Padam en La foule, naast haar favoriete nummers van Jacques Brel: Bruxelles, The Old Folks en Amsterdam.


Frank de Kleer gitarist

Frank deed zijn eerste muzikale optreden toen hij slechts 12 jaar was in de stijl van de franse zigeuner gitarist Django Reinhardt. Een glas gratis limonade was zijn enige salaris in die tijd. Deze ervaringen uit zijn jeugd bepaalde zijn liefde voor de muziek waar hij zich later in zijn leven in specialiseerde: Jazz, blues, gypsy music, flamenco en Zuid Amerikaanse ritmes.

De laatste tijd treedt  Frank de Kleer ook op als goochelaar. Zijn inspiratie vindt hij in artiesten als Buster Keaton en Tommy Cooper. Dus bereid je voor als Frank in een "good mood"  is kan hij met leuke magische truuks uit de hoek komen.


"Ze is een van die zeldzame zangeressen die een lichaamstaal gevonden heeft die haar zang helemaal uitdrukt zonder dat het een cliche wordt. De moeite beslist waard."
De Standaard

"Short of major surgery, cancel whatever you have on tonight and hear Micheline Van Hautem"
The Sydney Morning Herald

"A most talented performer… this Micheline van Hautem. NOT TO BE MISSED
New York Times

If the key to Cabaret is engaging with the audience, then Belgian singer Micheline Van Hautem has perfected the art…. A performer with the ability to grab hold of audiences and transport them to another world” The Adelaide Review

"She is simply: fabulous!
Robert Dawson Scott, The Times London, 5 star review

Video opnames van Micheline: